The following is a list of Wax community tools of interest to gamers. Know of some new tools we should check out? Let us know on Twitter!

Wax Gaming Tools

Wax Markets

  • NFTHive – Wax NFT Market with bulk staking/unstaking tool for R-Planet NFTs.
  • Nefty Blocks – Earn NEFTY tokens when you buy/sell NFTs here.
  • Atomic Hub – NFT marketplace for Atomic Assets.
  • Simple Market – NFT marketplace for Simple Assets.
  • Alcor Exchange – Market for exchanging Wax tokens used in Wax games.

Wax News

  • Wax Gamer – This site. LOL. Wax gaming news, reviews, tips, and more.
  • Wax.Guide – Wax NFT drops and news. Monthly interactive calendar with links to drops.
  • NFTInsider – Weekly drop calendar, news, interviews.
  • NFTHorizon – Weekly drop calendar.