Sign Up for the KOGs Slam Beta

Sign Up for the KOGs Slam Beta

Members of the KOGs Discord server can currently sign up for the KOGs Slam! Beta. The game is an Android/iPhone app that uses KOGs from the Wax blockchain. The game lets you win additional KOGs via missions and rewards.

KOGs Slam! contains a single-player mode with boss battles and multi-player games, with gameplay reminiscent of the classic Pogs game. For those who didn’t live through the nineties, this involves putting your Pogs in a stack in a circle and hitting them with a slammer to see how many you can capture by knocking them out of the circle.

This isn’t the only use for KOGs, however, which stands for Keys to Other Games. They’re also stakable on R-Planet and stakable for RFOX tokens. In the future, you might be able to use KOGs to unlock special items or features in other games, which is one of their development goals.

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