R-Planet Robot Crafting Launches Oct. 19

R-Planet Robot Crafting Launches Oct. 19

Well, the wait is finally over, and those minerals you’ve been mining from your R-Planet lands can now be put to use crafting the first patch of R-Planet robots. The initial crafting will start on Oct. 19 at 12 pm EST and will last for 24 hours. There will be three different types of robots with two forms (big and small) of each robot NFT to craft. Players will be able to craft 10 NFTs of each kind of robot with a 10 minute cooldown between crafts.

The robots are Chad, Quasimodo, and Bobert, and it looks like each one has different abilities when it comes to offense and defense, so you’ll want to craft an assortment of all three. The robot NFTs are one-time use, so once they’re used in the game, they cannot be pulled back out.

For those without lands, you can purchase minerals on Alcor Exchange. A limited number of robots NFTs will also be for sale in Aether in future events.

Read more: https://rplanet.medium.com/the-initial-crafting-of-r-planet-proto-robots-143e47e57381