R-Planet Land Upgrades Are Live

R-Planet Land Upgrades Are Live

R-Planet has announced that robots are coming soon, and to prepare for that major game feature release, they’ve enabled the upgrading of lands. To upgrade a land, click on the three dots next to the Claim button on the land. Then click on the green up arrow button on the left. This will take you to the Land Upgrade screen, where you can choose elements that you’ve previously created and use those to upgrade your land.

After clicking the Upgrade button, there will be a short delay, then you should see a Claim button and your Land displayed with a new level. Click the Claim button, and you’ll be taken back to the upgrade screen, where you can upgrade your land again.

Each land upgrade increases your land’s mining production by a factor of 1.02 units per level. The cost to upgrade also gets a little bit more expensive each time you upgrade. You can read more about land upgrades in the official article here.

At the moment, the ability to upgrade lands doesn’t seem to have impacted the dropping aether price, which makes sense. There’s no rush to spend aether to upgrade your lands when every land owner has been stockpiling minerals for months now. The big impact on the price of aether will come when robot production is introduced, and this will also see a jump in mineral prices, I would expect.

What I’m more curious about is whether or not people will upgrade lands to the maximum level. It seems to me that it isn’t really worth upgrading lands after Level 100 or so simply to increase mineral production, as it would be more cost effective to just buy another land. Maybe the robot gameplay with give another benefit to having a higher level land?

It costs 34 million Aeth to get a common land to Level 100 and mine 686/hr. It costs around another 700 million Aeth to upgrade that same land to Level 200 to mine 5,248/hr. Depending on the value of aether, the value of minerals, and the price of land (more land will still be released), it may or may not be cost effective to upgrade your lands to level 200. I’m sure someone will release a tool that does the calculations.

Until then, here’s a spreadsheet that shows the cost to upgrade each land type from Level 1 to 100.