NK Tools for R-Planet

NK Tools for R-Planet

A useful tool I use to check my R-Planet staking total every day is NK Tools for R-Planet. All you need to do is log in with your Wax Wallet, and you’ll see how much aether/hr. you’re mining per collection and how much you’re mining total.

The website also pulls the current Aether and Wax prices to calculate your dollar earning per hour, week, month, and year. Just keep in mind that aether prices are unstable and always changing, so counting on any long-term profits is probably a bad idea.

The main thing I check for is my total aether production dropping due to others staking NFTs in collections I own. I like to keep my aether production growing or at least steady, so I buy rigs or elements to replace any aether capacity I lose.

If you’re nosy, you can even check the values of other player’s R-Planet collections. Here’s vaaaaaaaaaan’s account, for example.

Website: https://rp.naw.io/