Mine Graffiti Kings NFTs on Alien Worlds

Mine Graffiti Kings NFTs on Alien Worlds

NFTs from Crypto Moonboys, Moongirls, GraffPUNKS, Graffiti Kings, and guest creators will be dropped to wallets mining on certain Alien Worlds lands from July 29-August 12. Then they will continue to be dropped throughout the year with a new lottery every 2 weeks.

For every 2,000 unique miners, 100 daily winners will be drawn, with no minimum daily mining requirement. Ten winners will also be picked daily from the top 100 TLM miners.

The lands you’ll need mine on are:

Kavian Icy Desert 35:18
Kavian Rocky Desert 26:13

If you have any questions, you can ask in the Graffiti Kings Telegram channel here.