Mine Exit Limbo NFTs on Alien Worlds

Mine Exit Limbo NFTs on Alien Worlds

Until the end of July, Alien Worlds players will be able to mine free Exit Limbo NFTs by mining on the lands listed below! To be eligible, you must have at least on Exit Limbo NFT in the Wallet you use for Alien Worlds. You can buy an Exit Limbo NFT here.

Basically, they will look at the first 20 mines you do each 12 hours, and the 25 players that mine the most TLM on their lands during that period will be awarded NFTs. However, those without great tools aren’t out of luck! There are also random NFT awards for those who mine at least 10 times in a 12 hour period.

Then there are Wax Prizes in August for those who mine the most TLM, where you can win up to 5,000 Wax. You need to hold at least 1 NFT of each Exit Limbo character in your wallet to qualify for this part of the contest. There are a lot of rules around this, so check them out in the link below.

Start time: July 7th @ 18:00 UTC / End time: July 31st @ 18:00 UTC
Prize Pot: 3,732 NFTs
78 every 12 hrs: 2 Legendary/Gold + 4 Epic/Steel + 6 Rare/Concrete +18 Uncommon/Wood + 48 Common/Static will be able to be won

The Red Junkie Treasure
Start time: August 5th @ 18:00 UTC / End time: August 9st @ 18:00 UTC
Prize Pot: 25,000 WAX + 16 Poster NFTs

  • Mining Lands (18% commissions)
  • Epic Mushroom Forest — Eyeke 26:5–1099512960900
  • Rare Mountains — Veles 23:6–1099512960424
  • Active Volcano — Magor 20:5–1099512961106
  • Icy Desert — Neri 18:2–1099512961075
  • Methane Swampland — Kavian 13:4–1099512960296

Rules: https://goodvibesmining.com/events/red-junkie/
Red Junkie Story: https://exitlimbowax.medium.com/the-red-junkie-ace5e6496a0d

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