Metal War Shard Update Rolled Back

The Metal War team has rolled back the recent update that allowed all units to mine Hamster shards. They had hoped that players would use these shards to craft their own Hamsters, but it seems they were selling the shards instead, which wasn’t helping to fix the Meta War economy.

Personally, I don’t think the team gave this enough of a chance. While in the short term, many players may have been selling their Hamster shards, I know I was keeping all of mine and working towards crafting another Hamster. Also, with every unit producing Hamster shards, the long-term effect of this would have been to drive down the price of Hamsters, which are an essential unit for new players. Lower Hamster prices would have meant more people being able to enter the game.

I like that the Metal War team moves fast. This game has seen more and faster updates than any other game on the Wax blockchain. However, there is such as thing as moving too fast. There needs to be more thought put in before major changes are made to the game. Also, while its great to listen to your players, you should keep in mind that players will always want what’s best for them, not necessarily what’s best for the game.

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