Metal War Raid Shard Changes

Metal War Raid Shard Changes

The devs of Metal War are trying to grow the game by getting more Hamsters into the hands of new players. If you look at the leaderboards, there are players with 50 Hamsters that just mine MWM and sell it, never running any other units or crafting units. It reminds me of R-Planet players that just mine and sell Aether and never craft any elements. It’s definitely one way to go, but probably not the best if you care about the future of the game.

To balance the Metal War economy, the developers have announced that all units will start collecting Hamster shards, with the number of Hamster shards dependent on the unit. The preliminary numbers (subject to change) are:

Wolf = 5 wolf + 4 ant + 1 hamster
Ant = 5 ant + 3 skunk + 2 hamster
Skunk = 5 skunk + 3 raccoon + 2 hamster
Raccoon = 5 raccoon + 2 elephant + 3 hamster
Elephant = 5 elephant + 5 hamster

Their goal is ultimately to get more players into the game and grow the game. The problem with that has been the huge cost of buying Hamsters combined with the fact that the price of MWM to repair cheaper entry units like Wolves was more expensive than the shards those units produced.

Ultimately, if you haven’t tried the game, this is a good time to jump in, as shard and unit prices are way down compared to what they have been. I would advise getting a hamster and one or more fighting units, but if you still can’t afford a Hamster at the new lower prices, you can always buy a few shards at a time on Alcor Exchange until you get 500 shards and can craft a Hamster.

Other upcoming changes to the game include the sale of Garages, the addition of PVP, card shining, and an option to exchange 12 PDT for 1 CDT.

The devs of Metal War have been quick to develop the game and quick to release changes as well. People forget that the game is still in Alpha and subject to change. I have faith that these changes will bring new players and will be good for the game as a whole.

For more details on the game changes, check out the official Metal War Game News Telelgram group.