Metal War Raid and CDT Craft Updates

Metal War Raid and CDT Craft Updates

Metal War released two updates on July 16 and, as usual, if you don’t live your life in their Telegram chat (or don’t even use Telegram), you probably have no idea they happened. The first update is that players only have to raid every 12 hours now instead of hourly. Now when you raid, you get 10 shards and a 12-hour timer will count down until you can raid again.

At first, I couldn’t figure out how to raid, because although my units didn’t need repair, I got an error every time I clicked the raid button. It turns out this is because units now need to be 100% repaired before they can raid, since they are basically doing ten raids at once. The UI wasn’t making this clear. My units had minor damage, so after repairing them to 100% health from 90% health or whatever, I could then raid. This shouldn’t be an issue moving forward as now units will always be either at 100% health or 0%.

The other update to the game is that you can now exchange 12 PDT for 1 CDT. These are the repair discount tokens that are mined by unique units and can also be purchased from Alcor Exchange. Currently, you can only exchange 12 PDT at a time by clicking the button, so I hope they update this to allow bulk exchange, as I’m mining with two Pioneer cards and have a lot of PDT to exchange.

If you aren’t using discount tokens to repair your units, you’re really throwing away MWM. Even if you have to buy them off Alcor instead of mining them yourself, they still will save you on repair costs.

I still believe that Metal War should add an in-game news/updates tab to let players know about these changes, as not everyone uses Telegram or Discord. Transparency and keeping players informed is an important step in growing the game to have mainstream appeal.