How to Earn Boost Tokens for Nova Rally

How to Earn Boost Tokens for Nova Rally

Besides Snakoil, which I talked about in a previous post, Nova Rally has also released their Boost token. This token is to be used to craft Boost NFTs, which will give you a slight advantage in races, the specifics of which are not known yet. You’ll need 1 million Boost tokens to craft a Boost NFT.

Basically, Boost is earned by staking Nova Rally partner NFTs. There are only two partners currently, Promo Rplanet and Olive Land, but I imagine more will be added in the future.

To give you an idea of staking values, I have 8 common Olive Land and Promo Rplanet NFTs staked right now for testing purposes, earning 578K boost/year. If I want to craft any Boost NFTs, it looks like I will need to purchase more partner NFTs or purchase Boost on Alcor.

Of course, until the release of the game, I believe staked NFTs are only producing 10% of that Snakoil and Boost that they’ll be producing once the game launches.

You’ll want to use this staking tool to stake you NFTs.