Green Rabbit Shell Staking Offers HODL Rewards

Green Rabbit Shell Staking Offers HODL Rewards

Well, this is old news, but Shellinium staking is now live in the Green Rabbit game. I decided to purchase a couple of flash drives and some stakable NFTs to test it out for myself.

First of all, it looks like you only get 5 flash drive slots, so I guess you’ll want to buy the larger flash drives if you plan on staking a lot of NFTs or the rarer ones, which I assume use more bits. For now, I’m only using two drive slots and two of the common 32 bit flash drives.

I grabbed some common NFTs off Atomic and staked them with no issues. They each take up 4 bits, so I can stake 8 common NFTs in one flash drive. Each common NFT gets me 79.33 Shell/hr for a total of around 629 Shell/hr. I’m currently earning 1,074.08 Shell/hr. from a total of 14 common NFTs.

I also saw that there was a “Stake GR Promo button”, so I grabbed some promo NFTs from the market and, sure enough, they each staked for 40.52 Shell/hr. These don’t take up any flash drive storage space, which must be why they are selling for a premium over the common Green Rabbit NFTs. I’m earning 202.6 Shell/hr. from 5 promo NFTs.

Every action I made in the UI was snappy with no timeouts or errors, which is rare for Wax games in my experience. I also went on Alcor Exchange to purchase some Shell, and it showed up instantly in my account with no issues.

Green Rabbit has announced the NVenom Fan Club with rewards to encourage players to hold their Shellinium until August 23, which appears to be when the next phase of the game launches. The common reward tier starts at 250,000 Shell held and earns you an airdrop of all Series 2 promo stickers and a fan badge. Holding larger amounts of Shell will earn you bigger rewards, including whitelist access and bonus NFTs. I assume this is meant to keep the price of Shell from crashing until there’s an actual use for it, and it seems to be working to some extent.

Looking at the game roadmap, Anima Armor Greenprint crafting is the next phase, which I assume will use Shell. Then comes Anima Armor Crafting, Anima Armor Upgrade Shop, and Ultra Anima Races. I’m not sure what the races are or really what the Green Rabbit game in general is building up to, as it all seems shrouded in mystery. Is this a racing game like Nova Rally? How does the armor play into it? Reading through the website leaves me with more questions than answers. However, if the rest of the game is as smooth and user-friendly at the staking UI, this looks to be a very promising game indeed.