Atomic Battle Card Game Coming To Wax Sept. 10

Atomic Battle is a CCG launching on Wax on Sept. 10 at 5 pm EST. Well, the cards are launching on Sept. 10, the actual release date of the game is TBD but announced as Q4 2021. The cards used in the game are NFTs on the Wax blockchain, which can be upgraded with traits such as strength, intelligence, dexterity, and wisdom, as well as super powers.

The game itself takes place in Atomic World and players take on the role of Warriors who must defend the world against Unknowns, whose goal is world domination.

There will be a variety of pack types available, such as:

Starter Packs: Supply 500 for each class (Warrior/Unknown), 8 NFTs in each pack (1 character, 4 upgrade cards, 1 superpower card, 1 battle card, 1 player badge)- Cost $24

Intermediate Packs: Supply 250 for each class (Warrior/Unknown), 12 NFTs in each pack (1 character, 6 upgrade cards, 2 superpower cards, 2 battle cards, 1 player badge) – Price $38

Advanced Packs: Supply 125 for each class (Warrior/Unknown), 22 NFTs in each pack (1 char, 12 upgrade cards, 4 superpower cards, 4 battle cards, 1 player badge) Price – $70

Join their Discord for info on getting whitelisted for the drop, free badges, and more information about the game.

White paper: