Anyoberservation Alienworlds Mining Event

Anyoberservation Alienworlds Mining Event

Anders Björk is giving away 1,738 NFTs for those who mine on one of the Anyobservation Alienworlds lands. There will be 66 NFTs sent out every 666 minutes randomly among those that mine. In addition, Anders has added around 100 NFTs from other collections as a bonus.

The lands are all on Kavian and include:

Kavian 35:15
Kavian 13:15
Kavian 35:13
Kavian 37:8
Kavian 34:8
Kavian 16:7
Kavian 33:14
Kavian 35:4
Kavian 16:11

The more you mine, the better your odds of winning, but each user can only win once every 666 minutes. To be eligible, you need to hold at least one NFT from the anyo.b1 collection in your Wax wallet. More details can be found at the website below. The event runs from Sept.17th until all NFTs have been given away, which should take about 2 weeks.