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A list of games on the Wax blockchain

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Battle Games (8)

  • Metal War

    Metal War

    Battle game where you use vehicles to mine and fight for resources. The vehicles are NFTs and the resources are tokens.

  • SwampSoldiers


    The greatest Swamp War of all times. Prepare your Froggos and Wormys for battle and play to earn.

  • WaxArena.io


    Choose between 4 unique races. Customize and equip your character with NFTs. Enter any of the 3 distinct Game Modes of Wax Arena. Defeat your opponents and claim your WAX rewards!

  • Record of RAGNAROK

    Record of RAGNAROK

    Record of Ragnarok NFT Game Collection RoRGameWorld Collection include CardPackage NFT and Hero,Equipment NFT The game users can equip their equipments to hero and PVE PVP for Reward.

  • Arena Of Glory

    Arena Of Glory

    AOG is an NFT battle game on the WAX blockchain. The players will own an army of Gladiators, which they can send on a variety of adventures in order to obtain Gold. The players would also fight in the arena to obtain more rewards and eternal glory. Use your gold to obtain new gladiators or upgrade existing ones, build the strongest army of gladiators and strive to be #1. Play to earn with AOG!

  • Unaxx


    Immerse yourself into the mysterious world of Unaxx! Battle against other players and get rewarded.

  • TokenLands


    Economical NFT game based on platform WAX

  • BattleBlockz


    BattleBlockz is a 3D PvP crypto game built on the WAX blockchain. NFTs collected through the marketplace allow you to battle other players in real time in a one versus one deathmatch or against an AI. Many NFT games are hard to get into due to high entrance prices. With Battleblockz you truly have a chance to come up from nothing!


Breeding Games (1)

Casino Games (1)

Crafting Games (7)

Discord Games (2)

Fantasy Games (10)

  • NFT | Green Rabbit Game

    NFT | Green Rabbit Game

    Our story begins on the mystical world of Nanotopia. A story as far reaching as time itself. This utopian sphere has long been home to a society, made up of all manner of organic beings, living in harmony with their tremendous technological advances. Though time will tell for how long…the future can be very cold blooded

  • Midgard Clash

    Midgard Clash

    Midgard is a collection of limited edition of PvE and PvP game based digital trading cards. We are inspired by Scandinavian Mythology.

  • Monstarrior


    Monstarrior is a NFT game. The story begins when Human fight for their own land again not only human but another character: Herals from God

  • Moon Stones

    Moon Stones

    Moon Stones is a graphic adventure and role-playing game on the Wax blockchain.

  • Pagan Gods

    Pagan Gods

    Blockchain game in a unique style of dark Slavic mythology.

  • PowerPacks


    POWERPACKS is the outstanding and extraordinary game project in the NFT industry! Here you can instantly make a profit, or enlarge your collection buying exclusive and limited NFTs to use them further in a full-fledged insane adventure, combining three Game styles: turn-based tabletop fantasy strategy; elements of RPG; robust tactics of card games built on free choice and luck playing dice.

  • WarSpace


    WarSpace is an NFT-based play to earn game developed on the WAX blockchain. Thanks to the tokenized economy, players themselves control the market and build trade relations.

  • SaaR


    Play-To-Earn NFT game about Yetis

  • Dragons Valley

    Dragons Valley

    Dragons Valley is an NFT-based game that functions on WAX. Dragons Valley has Play-to-earn features where players will be rewarded with tokens and valuable NFTs. Train your Dragons through various battles with the Goblins, defeat them, earn tokens through battle, shopping for items to help grow your Dragon faster and enjoy the journey of keeping the Dragons Valley a peaceful place again!

  • Kawaii Evolution

    Kawaii Evolution

    Kawaii Evolution is a decentralized world based on NFTs and fungible tokens in the Wax blockchain.


Farming Games (7)

Fighting Games (4)

  • FightLand


    Inspired by MMA, FightLand will appeal to any Mixed Martial Arts enthusiast. Characters are tough with affable quirks. Join the good fight.

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  • HodlGod


    HodlGod is a fantasy PvP/PvE battle royale that rewards players with in-game NFTs in an epic play-to-earn exclusively on the WAX Blockchain.

  • Blockchain Brawlers

    Blockchain Brawlers

    Meet the Blockchain Brawlers™, the most hilarious and entertaining series of NFTs in metaverse history. We’re talking about a ragtag brigade of high-flying heels that includes The Iron Pole, Crocodile Dundalk, Thuggernaut (to name a few) that’ll help you wrestle your way to NFT supremacy.


Finance Games (1)

First Person Shooter Games (3)

  • GEN-ZERO Drop

    GEN-ZERO Drop

    GEN-ZERO NFT will consist of 1,111 Generators with three different rarities attributes. These generators will be used to create unique NFTs for upcoming projects & experiences, starting with their own FPS shooter The Forge. Holders will unlock lifetime rewards, beginning with access to The Forge Community Game Nights & the Closed Beta.

  • Crypto Shots

    Crypto Shots

    Play and earn our WAX token BOOM, collect NFT weapon parts, merge them into NFT weapons, add NFT boosters and new NFT characters, take down enemies, travel to different planets using NFT spaceships, challenge your friends in NFT arenas.. all on the blockchain!

  • The Forge Arena

    The Forge Arena

    First Esport on the Blockchain. Competitive 5 vs 5 FPS. Play to Earn NFT Game!


Wax Games (5)

Metaverse Games (3)

Mining Games (8)

Monster Games (4)

  • Crypture World

    Crypture World

    Build your village, send your Cryptures to adventures and earn resources + NFT materials! Participate in daily quests, combat other players, evolve your Cryptures and compete on the leaderboards to earn resources, NFT items and badges!

  • Beast Garden

    Beast Garden

    Beast Garden is a Play 2 Earn Monster Battle Game on WAX. Fight your opponents in 3v3 battles. Make sure you have the best team composition to ensure victory, win great prizes and gain experience to evolve your beasts into more powerful creatures. Use your plants to grow some food or use the fruits to help your beasts evolve.

  • Monster Fight

    Monster Fight

    Monster Fight is a NFT metaverse game that you can play to earn. Start hatching your eggs in Monsterfi.io.

  • Monster Strike

    Monster Strike

    All NFTs in Little Monsters, Dust and Blood and Fantasy io WAX collections are eligible for the Mercenary Art Studio Collector Points non-custodial staking program. Each month in addition to your qualified airdrops you will receive a number of Monster Tokens which can be kept in your WAX Wallet and used in our upcoming game Monster Clash, purchasing drops directly, upgrading your NFTs, LP rewards and more.


Pirate Games (2)

Racing Games (2)

Role-Playing Games (4)

Simulation Games (3)

Space Games (14)

  • Alien Worlds

    Alien Worlds

    Alien Worlds Missions

  • Breeders


    Breeders is an NFT universe where you can collect and play with exclusive digital items.

  • Colonize Mars

    Colonize Mars

    Own part of the first-ever Mars Colony on the WAX Blockchain by collecting NFT trading cards.

  • Galaktika


    Earth has split into two dimensions with two polar outcomes causing ripples of turbulence through all galaxies. The highly evolved Luminayans from the 7th dimension have realised 2021 was a critical year in human history.

  • GoldMand


    The Metaverse is waiting for you. Choose a species, pick the planet and suitable land and start mining the big variety of items and unique amulets.

  • Krypton Quest

    Krypton Quest

    When the world became uninhabitable, humanity was left with no choice but to flee. To do this, they needed KRYPTON CORES – a rare and powerful element that powers your advanced robotic technology needed to build a foothold for humanity in outer space.

  • Space Heroes

    Space Heroes

    Space Heroes is an NFT Play-To-Earn Community Driven Game with mining, staking and much more inside the metaverse. Is time to create business in game also play as fun and collect valued NFTs. Lets go Heroes !

  • Worlds Of Dr. Hems

    Worlds Of Dr. Hems

    Worlds of Dr Hems - A NFT Game

  • Cosmic Clash

    Cosmic Clash

    Cosmic clash. play to earn game. crypto game. wax blockchain game.

  • Starship


    STARSHIP is a strategy-based browser role-playing game using NFT technology and the WAX blockchain network. The player will be able to embark on an adventure of exploration and conquest thanks to the control of his/her fleet of Starships.

  • Million on Mars: Land Rush™

    Million on Mars: Land Rush™

    Martian colonization and exploration game.

  • Space Craft

    Space Craft

    Space craftsmen spend their days far from their home planet, taking part in long-lasting dangerous journeys - in search of new powerful reserves and energy sources. This work is difficult and dangerous. So only dashing and inventive players will imprint their names in history, reach their fame and recognition. Others will get an opportunity to enrich themselves instead. This is fine by many.

  • Pixverse


    Pixverse is a NFT collection created and designed to be used for a browser based game in early development. The entire project features graphics inspired by 90s games. Both the NFTs and the game will have the same look and feel.

  • Voidlight


    Voidlight is a play-to-earn game set in space. Seek us out in the dark corners of the WAX universe.


Sports Games (3)

Staking Games (2)

Strategy Games (4)

  • Xpansion


    Xpansion is a decentralized 4x strategy game set in the near future. Faced with a dying world, the remnants of Earth's population have launched expedition waves to settle the habitable worlds surrounding nearby stars.

  • The 7th Seal

    The 7th Seal

    Turn-Based Strategy; The 7th Seal Game; Claim the Throne; Bend the Knee; Blockchain gaming; NFT Land Sales;

  • Long Haulers

    Long Haulers

    Long Haulers is a semi-passive trucking logistics strategy game coming soon to the WAX blockchain. Be ready to grab a few trucks, trailers, drivers and send them out on work orders.

  • Ship Trips

    Ship Trips

    Ship Trips is a strategy game set in the Early Modern period. After a long war with a neighboring state, your country is devastated and ruined. But "The legends say" there are priceless treasures in the sea that can restore the economy of an entire country. You are appointed as a captain for expeditions headinginto the open ocean in search of treasures. However, the old enemies are not asleep and are ready their fleets at any moment.


Survival Games (2)

Telegram Games (1)

Tower Defense Games (1)

  • Gods and Legends

    Gods and Legends

    Use your gods and legends nft cards as towers and moveable heroes. 50 different custom characters inspired by many different mythologies. Defeat the waves of monsters to complete the level. 30 levels in campaign mode.


Trading Card Games (9)